Dr. Cui Zhang


Department of Computer Science

California State University Sacramento

Sacramento, CA 95819-6021

916-278-6834 (Dept. Office)



Teaching Schedule and Office Hours

Semester teaching schedule and office hours for classes


Scholarly Activities

Professor Zhang's research interests include software engineering, software architecture, formal methods for secure software engineering, formal methods for information assurance and computer security, and programming language theories and paradigms. She has been conducting research in these areas and published research papers in journals and international conferences.


In summers of 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000, Dr. Zhang served as a Visiting Associate Researcher at UC Davis and was involved in projects on formal specification and verification of distributed computing systems and projects on formal specification and verification for information assurance and computer security.  In 2010, Dr. Zhang received Software Architecture Professional Certificate from the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellow University.


Professor Zhang has been active on professional activities. She has served on program committees and/or as session chairs for international conferences. She has also reviewed a range of technical papers for journals and international conferences.

Teaching Activities

Professor Zhang's teaching interests include software engineering, formal methods for secure software engineering, and programming language theories and paradigms. At CSU Sacramento, She has taught or been teaching the following courses: CSc130 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis, CSc131 Computer Software Engineering, CSc195 Fieldwork in Computer Science, CSc201 Programming Language Principles (complete re-design/development), CSc209 Research Methodology, CSc230 Software System Engineering (significant revision), CSc231 Software Engineering Metrics (significant revision), CSc235 Software Architecture (new course development), CSc236/296L Formal Methods in Secure Software Engineering (new course development), CSc295 Fieldwork, CSc296M Programming Language Semantics (new course development), and CSc299 Special Problems.


Professor Zhang has been supervising graduate students in her CSc502 on MS projects. Through MS project supervision, she has been involving her students in research projects and publications in her research areas. She also served as a second reader for other MS projects.

University Service Activities

Professor Zhang has actively served on positions or committees at the department level, the college level, the university level and the California State University system level.


Professor Zhang received the following awards:

Outstanding Scholar Award from the College of Engineering and Computer Science, 2000

Outstanding Teaching Award from the University, 2002

Outstanding University Service Award from the University, 2004