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CSc 020 Sec. 4 Fall 2019
CSc 020 Sec. 12 Fall 2019
CSc 206 Fall 2019


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Professor Emeritus
Computer Science Department
California State University Sacramento
E-mail: wang@csus.edu
Office: RVR 5056
Office hours (Fall 2019): MW 4:40 - 5:20 pm. T 10:40 - 11:30 am.

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***** Recent Research Results *****

Simultaneous Data Compression and Encryption Presented in SAM'03
Cryptography in Data Compression Published in CodeBreakers Journal Vol. 2, No. 3 (2005)
Dynamic LZW for Compressing Large Files Presented in FCS 2011
Fast Sequence Database Search Using Intra-sequence Parallelized Smith-Waterman Algorithm Presented in BIOCOMP 2012; The conference presentation of this paper was supported by 2012 CSUPERB Faculty Travel Grant.
A Theoretical Study of Extreme Parallelism in Sequence Alignments
Published in Journal of Information and Computing Science (World Academic Press, World Academic Union) Vol. 8, No. 4, 2013, pp. 264-274;
Some Empirical Results of Compressing High Resolution Raster Graphics Images
Published in International Journal of Computing Science Issues, Vol. 12, Issue 3, May 2015, pp. 24-28;
Sequence Motif Finder
Published in Microsoft Windows App Store, September 2015
A Fast and Effective Heuristic Algorithm for Finding Quorum Planted (l, d, q)-Motifs Presented in BIOCOMP 2018; This work is supported in part by 2017-18 Research & Creative Activity (RCA) Faculty Awards Program of California State University, Sacramento.

**** Backtracking Algorithim Animation ****
A master project by Jeff Pham
The Maze Problem The 8 Queens Problem

**** Quicksort Animation ****
A master project by Mike Melnik
Click to start the animation

**** Insertion and Bubble sorts Animation ****
A master project by Ilesh Patel
Click to start the animation (requires JRE of J2SE 1.4.2)

***** Some Completed Master Projects *****

IDS by Zhen Zhang, Spring 2002
SSL by Shrini Deshpande, Spring 2002
Storage Network by Guru Nittur, Fall 2002
.NET by Kevin Tse, Fall 2002
Mobile Agent by Geetha Kapse, Spring 2003
J2EE and Web Services by Naveen Repala, Spring 2003
DCCP by Deval Mehta, Fall 2003
LDAP by Maochun Sun, Fall 2003
ACAP by Praveen S Thangavelu, Fall 2003
.NET Mobile Web Application by Jing Ding, Spring 2004
ZOPE by Lal Mukesh, Spring 2004
Mobile Service with .NET by Sharad Varshney, Fall 2004
Defect Tracking System using MVC by Krishna Sudireddy, Fall 2004
SIMICS by Manish Patel, Fall 2004
Wi-Fi App using J2ME and MVC Architecture by Praveen Chirumamilla, Spring 2005
HIP by Liu Linyan, Fall 2005
CGI for Embeded Software Configuration by Yatiraj Bhumkar, Spring 2006
Cryptographic Attacks by RAJBIR SINGH and BIKRAM KAHLON , Fall 2006
UPnP AV Media Server support for VLC player by Shaleen Shah, Fall 2007
VM Algorithm Improvement by Patel Kamlesh, Fall 2009
The PFunc Implementation of NAS Parallel Benchmarks by Shashi Kumar Nanjaiah, Spring 2010
Establishing IPv6 Connectivity for a Cable Modem by Neel Mukeshkumar Jadi, Fall 2010
Video Chat on LAN by Payal Ashokkumar Dalwadi, Fall 2010
Network Sniffer by Anuj Shah, Spring 2011
Singleton Service in Clustered environment by Srinivasa c Kodali, Spring 2011
Edge-based peak position search algorithm for PET detectors by Kun Di, Spring 2011
Network Monitoring using OPC by Bhumi Patel, Fall 2011
To illustrate and implement Initial Ranging and TFTP phase of a cable modem by Aakash Patel, Spring 2012

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