Stock Path


The project was proposed by Dr. Jawaharlal "Jawa" Mariappan. Dr. Jawa is a professor and an associate dean for faculty affairs of mechanical engineering at California State University - Sacramento. He has many hobbies, one of them involving the stock market. With his experience as an engineer to analyze data, he has his own stock patterns in the stock, market. At the moment, Dr. Jawa makes his trade decisions based on the data provided by a built-in function within microsoft excel. This being said the client must input additional data making it tedious as well affecting decision making. This is due to the stock market being time-sensitive, leading to potential costly loses.


The main goal for this project is to be able to automate some of the processes that the client performs himself. Focus on trimming the time spent on inputing data and increase the time for decision making. Give the ability to store data and previous report. As well as to have a more streamlined front end.

Proposed Solution

The solution that we came up with was to create an application that could make it simpler and easier to use. An improved version of what he is currently using. An application that pulls the stock data through an API, providing the information needed. This data will be displayed in graph, it will also show news headlines to aid with decision making. The abiltity to search certain stocks and have the ability to add and remove stocks from his watchlist.


Our solution simplifies the existing one, by automating some tasks and increasing time for decision making. This application is intuitive and simple to use as well. This could also potentially reduce costly losses by reducing the delay the time spent on analyzing stock data.



Sergey Puriy

Computer Science

Ian Hill

Computer Science

Peter Kapellas

Computer Science

Drake Dixon

Computer Science

Andy Zhu

Computer Science

Kevin Estrada

Computer Science

Chris Liang

Computer Science

Jonathan Le

Computer Science

Dr. Jingwei Yang