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Team Name: SkyNet
Team Members: Austin Rasmussen, Cody Wuco, Derrick LeDesma, Jerod Nooner, Jehangir Khan, Li Pan, Patrick Thomas, Nick Goodie
Client: Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC)
Adviser: Prof. Haiquan Chen, Jinsong Ouyang


The Sierra Nevada Conservancy initiates, encourages, and supports efforts that improve the environmental, economic, and social well-being of the Sierra Nevada Region, its communities, and the citizens of California. The SNC is a California State Agency under the California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA). One of the primary roles of the SNC is to administer grants for projects in the Sierra Nevada region.


SNC wants to automate their grant application and management system. We have proposed to create a web-based application that is devided into 4 key areas.


The initial solution was a webapp linked to a database that would store and manage all the applications and submissions.
SNC liked the idea, but was hesitant about moving entirely away from existing architecture, as staff were familiar with SharePoint.
We proposed having the staff-side interactions remain in SharePoint and have the database be the go-between.
Client was enthusiastic and liked this idea and wanted to move forward with this solution.


The client wants to consolidate their outdated paper and email submission format to an all-in-one online portal.
The client currently administers grant applications physically via mail/email, manually entering information into their SharePoint database. They want to make it easier to submit and automate information entries to save time for clients and staff.


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