Servatione Semita

Team Name: Team Titans
Team Members: Arzoo Ahmadi, Le Doan, Eric Wong, Derek Sakasegawa, Andrew Pascual, Joshua Nguyen, Jack Tran, Mark Harland
Client: Drew Cameron - The Opened Box
Advisor: Prof. Jingwei Yang


The Opened Box is a company that buys returned computer hardware products from Amazon and resells them for an affordable price on eBay.


Design and implement an inventory management solution for The Opened Box to promote efficiency and growth in the business. The inventory management solution will allow multiple users to easily track, edit and manage inventory.


The client currently has no way to store inventory short of an excel sheet. The main function of the program is to be able to import a shipment manifest, the ability to cross-check inventory that actually arrived against that manifest, and the ability to visualize, search, and sort confirmed inventory.

Project Goals

Proposed Solution


End Product Delivery

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