Project Chronos

Team Name: The NULL Pointers
Team Members: Joshua Walsh, Gurnit Kaur, Kirandeep Kaur, Srikeerthi Mechineni, Samran Khinda, Martin Nivinski, Braden Gills
Client: Global Leadership Alliance (GLA)
Adviser: Prof. Jin


Global Leadership Alliance is a business management consultant firm specializing in the development and implementation of Collaborative Dispute Mitigation (CDM) systems.
GLA desires a software to resolve time-consuming tasks in the area of planning meetings between themselves and their clients.


The software addresses the process of planning meetings (sessions).
The goal of the software is to increase professionalism, save time, stay organized, and reduce costs. To help with the logistics of the meetings worked on by the business hosts.


The solution is a website that can be accessed from the client's main webpage and has various features such as:
- A log-in page with authentication throughout the website to ensure data security
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- A dashboard page with key information easily visible
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- Create session and project pages to quickly create meetings in one place
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- An event backlog page to view all sessions and projects in one place, with an extra search bar feature
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- View individual sessions and projects in detail with a single click
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Our product is specifically tailored to the needs of GLA, providing an easy-to-use and learn experience for our client's users. Our website remains simple and intuitive while providing extra quality of life features important to the client. For example, an event backlog page with a searchable id, and a single click session/project view.


Tools/Langauges Used:
- React JavaScript (Frontend)
- Django Python (Backend)
- GoDaddy Server Hosting
- VS Code
- Flying Donut w/ SCRUM planning method
Work Statistics:
- 11 Sprints
- 260+ Commits
- Automated with Selenium

Lesson Learned

There were many things learned throughout this experience and it's hard to quantify. We started this project knowing little to nothing about proper project planning and web app development. However, we were able to slowly develop a web app through our learning in class, online resources, and our own experimentation. We learned to communicate with each other in an efficient manner and work together to produce an quality product. As a team, we learned how to use many tools, languages, and methodologies


Special thanks to:
- Our client GLA for providing all necessary requirements and resources.
- Prof. Yang for leading us through this project and teaching us
- Prof. Jin for being our adviser and helping us throughout the planning and developement phases of our project.