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Welcome to SHPE at Sacramento State
As our website is currently undergoing redesign, please pardon our appearance as the project is being completed. If you have any suggestion, please visit our contacts page by clicking on the link in the navigation, where you can make any inquiries to the webmasters.

OneSHPE Registration Information
Members who have not yet registered as a member can register online via OneSHPE by visiting the links page or clicking here. Note: the use of Internet Explorer is advised for full site compatibility when accessing OneSHPE.

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Site Updates
The RLDC website can be accessed here, or on the links page.

The site will also be undergoing an infrastructure update for better efficiency and for optimization on mobile devices in the coming months. A proposal will be posted soon.

Legacy Site Access
For those who need it, the previous SHPE website can be accessed here.

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