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Tim Marbach, Ph.D.

Research Group

Current Students

Rupal Prajapati - Masters Student

Rupal is studying heat recirculation for the clean combustion of biomass and other low heating value fuels.  Her work involves Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis and experimental work in the combustion lab.  Rupal's picture and resume coming soon.






Andrew Mrowka - Masters (2006)

Andrew's masters project focused on wind flow in urban environments.  Electricity could be produced by strategically placing wind energy conversion devices in areas of accelerated wind flow around buildings.  This would also reduce transmission costs from remote areas.  Andrew presented results from his CFD analysis at the Third International Energy, Exergy and the Environment Symposium in Evora, Portugal.  Andrew is current working on AB 32: The Global Warming Solutions Act as an Air Resources Engineer at the California Air Resources Board.



Ben Deal - Masters (2007)

Ben's masters work focused on heat recirculating combustion with porous inert media for mesoscale applications.  The objective of his analysis was to optimize a small scale combustor design to minimize heat loss to the surroundings with the use of extended surfaces and strategic placement of porous inert media.  Ben presented his work at the ASME Energy Sustainability 2007 Conference.  Ben currently works with the Hydrogen Highway and Zero Emissions Vehicle Programs as an Air Resources Engineer at the California Air Resources Board.




Interested in a masters degree related to sustainable energy or combustion?  Give me a call, send me an e-mail or swing by my office.