RDR implementation.


Language Decision

I chose Javascript, because I was already familiar with the language. I actually learned modern frameworks such as - React, Angular, Grommet - before I even touched robust HTML/CSS design techniques. I worked backwards and learned what these UI frameworks are built on, and how they're transpiled to flavors of Javascript that browsers like Chrome can understand.

For this assignment the website that you are viewing this from, I only used HTML/JS/CSS and a library called Bootstrap 4 (for theming).

Useful Learning Resources

Javascript: w3schools.com

Bootstrap 4: getbootstrap.com

RDR: rdr1.php

Additional Suggestions

For this parser implementation, I would recommend taking the time to learn Javascript. According to StackOverflow 2019 Developer Survey, Javascript is the most commonly used programming language (for the seventh year in a row). It would give you an incredible edge if you know Javascript going into a job interview after you graduate. The algorithm implementation puts your programming knowledge to the test, and tests your ability to adapt to a new syntax. Also, on top of this, you need to make sure the parser looks good (take time to learn how to style, and look at UI design trends).

Anyways, hope you enjoyed :)