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In 1989 there was a senior project, even today the project lives!!

What is it ??

Personal Computer Programming Contest System - is a computer system to automate the judging and scoring for a computer programming contest. During a programming contest the teams submit (via LAN) their solutions to the problems that the judges have created. The team that solves the greatest number of problems with the fewest penalties: wins. Penalty points are typically given out according to how many times a team submits their solution to be judged and for the number of minutes that it took the team to solve each problem.

PC2 tracks the teams submissions (called "runs") from submission to judgement by the judges. With that information PC2 can display the score/standings to one or more of the PC2 scoreboard PCs.


ICPC/ACM Finals: 1990, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2000-2004
ACM Pacific Regionals: 1990 - 2004
ACM East Central Regionals: 1992
ACM Mountain Regionals: 1996
ACM Mid East Regionals: 1992

The (somewhat abridged) History of PC2

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