Learning Academy

Team Name: Delete System 32
Team Members: Noah Venethongkham, Ryan Kingsbury, Bryce Watson, Caitlin Crum, Joaquin Lopez, Emran Tokhi, Ben Hedge, and Alan Navai


Learning Academy is a platform for students to improve their learning experience outside the classroom. More specifically, the client is requesting an online interactive question repository for CSUS Computer Science courses which would be beneficial to students and professors as well as tutors.


Learning Academy allows teachers and professors to upload and create questions in a convenient and easy to use method. This can be done either manually, one-by-one or through a convenient Scan Document function which allows users to easily scan an image file and use the scanned text to quickly create new questions. Questions can then be easily searched by a variety of fields using a search menu.


Our current design solution meets the sweet spot between ease of use and effectiveness. In other words, we made sure users who never used a computer before could easily navigate the UI, while at the same time not cutting corners on the power of the application to help users learn. The components aren't too small to not be seen, but don't overwhelm the user to maintain an aesthetic look. The UI has a smooth flow that users can logically follow to make the most of the applications features.


1. This product will assist professors teaching the same course by sharing course, test, and quiz material.
2. Improved communication between professors, tutors, and students
3. Students will have access to practice material


Login Screen

At the login screen, users will be able to enter their credentials in the user and password text boxes. First time users will need to use the Create User button to make an account. If a user forgot their credentials, they can use the Forget Your Password button. For further explanation of the login screen, users can refer to the Help button.

Create User

If the user does not have an account within Learning Academy, they may click the button labeled Create User. Upon doing so, they will be prompted to enter their full name, email, and school id number. Once this has been done, the user can click the Submit button in order to create the account. They may also reset the form by pressing the Reset button. In the case the user would like to cancel the account creation they can click the X button.

Teacher Dashboard

At the dashboard, a teacher can access the dashboard, import, export, search, Learning Academy, account settings, and log out tabs.

Create Question

After clicking on the Create Question button, a Create Question form will open which allows the user to create a new question from scratch. The user can choose between creating a multiple choice question or a true/false question.

Search Screen

From the search tab, the user is able to search for any item that has been populated into the database via the import tab. It contains two main elements: the search bar and the result table. The search bar is used to search for any keyword and the search table will populate with any relevant result.

Edit Question

The edit button allows the teacher to edit any questions that have been added into the database. It will show a similar page to create a question button in the import tab, with the fields populated with the values of the selected question.

Export Question

On the right side of the search results, the user will see a checkbox next to each question. This allows them to select the questions they would like to export.

Scan Question

After clicking on the Scan Document button, a Scan Document form will open which allows the user to scan an image file and then use the text scanned from that file to create any number of questions.

Lesson Learned


Thank you to Professor Cheng for dedicating his free time to helping us complete this project!