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Our Mission

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Club at California State University, Sacramento is a student run organization that provides opportunities for Electrical and Electronics Engineers in the professional, as well as the social spheres of one's engineering career.

IEEE provides many benefits to aspiring engineers that are key to success. Being an integral part of the club's activities allows for networking with new people and participating in many of the invaluable events IEEE has to offer. The annual Evening with Industry event, hosted by IEEE, is where professional engineers share their knowledge of their respective fields and answer questions about their experience in the professional environment. Combined with guest speaker presentations from industry, there are few places that can match the resources provided by being a member. In addition, the club spans across multiple fields of engineering and encourages diversity in the organization. Inter-division companions are easily made with the variety of backgrounds and interests of its members.

As an engineering student, there is not a better place to connect with peers and gain an inside perspective in a career as an engineer than as a member of IEEE. While the number of affiliates, as well as the scale of the endeavors of the club, continue to expand, IEEE keeps true to its goals in equipping its fellow engineers with the tools they need to be successful both in school and after graduation.

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