Team Moosegold

Our Client

Lucy Garcia-Robles, Owner of NotarizeMe

NotarizeMe is a local business that provides notary services to English and Spanish speaking clients.

This project is designed to help Lucy grow her business by providing the business with a website that handles scheduling appointments, assigning work, receiving payments, uploading documents, approving notaries, and communication with team-members.

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Our Team

Team Members

  • John Hine
  • Charles Jackson-Kirkpatrick
  • Israel Jimenez
  • Jordan Lee
  • Mitchell LunBeck
  • Nathaniel Murphy
  • Faustino Perez
  • Cosmo Stevens
  • Dr. Ying Jin - Project Advisor


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The scope of this project extends to interacting with the customer, scheduling, payment, and contracting. This project will address the problem that currently most tasks are coordinated through phone and email. One such task is scheduling appointments which require a 2-way email exchange. The project aims to reduce some of the time spent on time consuming managerial tasks.

Proposed Solution

Our solution to our client's problem is to build an online tool that will be as helpful as possible to NotorizeMe the business, and to the notary sub-contractors themselves. Our proposed Solution involves building a mobile and desktop accessible website that will allow NotarizeMe to offer work to sub-contractors and users, while handling payment, document uploading, and scheduling. This will be both beneficial to NotarizeMe and the notaries because it will replace the more archaic aspects of the industry with modern technological solutions.


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We hope to differentiate NotarizeMe from other notary services through an increase in ease of access. We want this process to be streamlined so that anyone seeking these services can do so quickly without confusion. Notarize Me also hopes to fill a current void in the market of non-English speaking customers. Our client hopes to use her personal skills and connections to widen the outreach of Notarize Me to those who speak little to no English and instead speak Spanish. We also hope that through the use of our subcontractor application process Notarize Me can build both a large client base and strong workforce that can expand its reach as far as possible.


We used the SCRUM framework and an Agile mindset

Step 1: Built skeleton for major user interfaces

Step 2: Built Database to store data

Step 3: Developed feature functionality

Step 4: Testing & Improvement

Step 5: Final Adjustments, Polishing, & Transfer to Client

Technology Used






Amazon Web Services

We used various methods of communication and file management such as: Discord, Google Drive, Zoom, GitLab, and Flying Donut. Throughout our project we all put in countless hours of work individually, in small groups, and as a whole team resulting in approximately 132 files with 7,294 lines of code.


The overall test plan was to build tests using Selenium and verify the features were working together properly.

Unit testing: We created test suites for each of the individual features in the project.
Integration testing: We made a test suite that goes through all the features that a user would use and also made a test suite that would go through all the features that a notary would use.

Lessons Learned

In order to provide an efficient and streamlined product, our team was often tasked with utilizing new software and languages. Some within our group had minimal experience using python, which ended up being about 60% of our code. This in itself was a task as a basic understanding of the language was required for the team to begin moving forward.

We also utilized Django, a framework once again that was unfamiliar for some. This framework provided immense value to the project however once we had learned how to get the most out of its tools.

Learning the SCRUM process along the journey also gave us a glimpse into a methodical structure that any future employers may apply within their workspace.

Some soft skills that our team has developed could include time-management, work ethic, and adaptability. One of the largest components for this project was staying punctual with our work and meeting any set deadlines. In order to maintain this, everyone held themselves accountable for their own portions, and anyone who was stuck or confused, would gladly receive help from the rest of the group.

Special Thanks

Lucy Garcia-Robles

A special thanks to Lucy, for allowing us to work with her and her business.

Dr. Ying Jin

A special thanks to Dr. Jin, for advising us during both semesters of our senior project.

Dr. Jingwei Yang

A special thanks to Dr. Yang, for guiding us though the process of our senior project.