2003 International Conference on Bond Graph Modeling and Simulation (ICBGM'2003)

January 19 - 23, 2003

Marriott Orlando Airport Hotel · Orlando, Florida  U.S.A.


Part of the 2003 Western MultiConference


Sponsored by:
The Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS)


General Chair:    Professor  Jose J. Granda, California State University,

                                   Sacramento  USA    

                                  Email:  grandajj@ecs.csus.edu

Program  Chair: Professor  Francois Cellier, University of Arizona,

                                   Tucson Arizona USA 

                                 Email:  cellier@ece.arizona.edu


The 2003 International Conference on Bond Graph Modeling and Simulation brings together research paper presentations, panel sessions, tutorials, workshops, seminars, industrial applications, and software demonstrations that use Bond Graph modeling  methods. There will be featured plenary speakers and some special invited presentations.  A special tribute will be made to the memory of Professor Henry Paynter, the inventor of bond graphs, who passed away in 2002.


This conference focuses on Bond Graph modeling techniques for modeling and simulation of dynamic systems. Theoretical principles for electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and control system, Mechatronic systems applications will be presented. Leading industrial users of the method in automotive, aircraft, fluid power, kinematics, multibody systems, and social and biological systems have been invited.


M O N D A Y  January 20, 2003


WMC PLENARY SESSION : 8:30am--10:00am

Keynote Address:  Shaking the Foundations!

Dr. Raymnod Montgomery, NASA Langley Research Cennter, Hampton Virginia USA


SESSION 1: 10:30am--12:00pm


WELCOME.  Prof. Jose J. Granda,   ICBGM'2003 General Chair

                                 California State University, Sacramento  USA

                             Prof.  Francois Cellier ICBGM'2003 Program Chair

                                University of Arizona, Tucson  USA


  Simulation of Qualitative Bond Graph Model using Fuzzy Arithmetic

  Chi Hang Lo   , Y. K. Wong  , A. B. Rad  The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong


 Incremental bond graph: starting point for sensitivity analysis as well as robustness study

  Wolfgang Borutzky , Univeristy of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, Germany

 Geneviève Dauphin-Tanguy, Ecole Centrale de Lille, France


BG-CFD Methodology for Multicomponent Solutions. Part I: Multivelocity Model

  Jorge Luis Baliño , Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares, Sao Paulo, Brazil  


SESSION 2: 1:30am--3:00pm
Methodology I


 BG-CFD Methodology for Multicomponent Solutions. Part II: Diffusion Model

  Jorge Luis Baliño,  Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares, Sao Paulo, Brazil  


Uncertainties in Multiport Elements

  Genevieve Dauphin-Tanguy , Casimir Kam, Philippe Kubiak.  Ecole Centrale de Lille



Analysis of Electromagnetic Systems Using the Extended Bond Graph Method: Mechanically Static Systems

  Dwight Landen Institute for Advanced Technology, The University of Texas at Austin, USA


SESSION 3: 1:30pm--3:00pm
Methodology II

 Switching Cell As A Converter Core Representation For Analysis

  Kaiçar AMMOUS  , Bruno ALLARD  , Hervé MOREL , CEGELY, Centre de Génie Electrique de Lyon, France

 Anis AMMOUS,  LETI, Laboratoire d’Electronique et des Technologies de l’Information


Bond Graphs for 1-Dimensional Duct Flows Using Nonlinear Finite Lumps

  Donald Margolis, University of  California, Davis   USA


Structural analysis of linear bond graphs with integrated state variables

  Sueur Christophe, Dauphin-Tanguy Geneviève, Ecole Centrale de Lille,  France


SESSION 4: 3:30pm--5:00pm

Fault Detection


  Bond Graph: A Suitable Tool For Component Faults Diagnosis

  Naamane Aziz , Sia Kamel DIAM IUSPIM, Marseille, France



Derivation of Constraint Relations from Bond Graph Models for Fault Detection and Isolation 

Belkacem Ould Bouamama  , Arun Kumar Samantaray, Marcel Staroswiecki, Cite Scientifique, Bat. EUDIL, France

Genevive Dauphin- Tanguy , Ecole Centrale de Lillle, France


Model-Based Reasoning about Fault Propagation

Stefan Feyock Computer Science Department, College of William & Mary, USA     


T U E S D A Y  January 21, 2003

Plenary Session 9:00am--10:00am




Henry Paynter and the History and Development of Bond Graphs

 Dean Karnopp,  Donald Margolis, University of California, Davis  USA


SESSION 5: 10:30am--12:00pm


Determination Of The Energy Distribution Inside A Linear Time-Invariant System Using A Bicausal Bond Graph

  Serge Scavarda , X Xia, E Bideaux, Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon, France


An Energy-Based Approach to Parameterizing Parasitic Elements for Eliminating Derivative Causality

  Donald G. Rideout , Jeffrey L Stein, University of Michigan  USA 


Bicausality-based Procedures for Transfer and Transmission Matrix Determination of Single Source Single Load Linear Systems

  Wilfrid Marquis-Favre   , Xiaoguang Xia  , Serge Scavarda  Institut National des

   Sciences Appliquées de Lyon, France


SESSION 6: 10:30pm--12:00pm
Electrical Systems


Sizing of an Electric Power Steering System on dynamic and energetic criteria

  Olivier Mechin, Wilfrid Marquis-Favre, Serge Scavarda, Institut National des

   Sciences Appliquées de Lyon, France

  Pierre Ferbach  PSA Peugeot Citroën, France


Transmission Line And Bond Graphs

Herve Morel , Kaiçar Ammous, Bruno Allard, Hatem Garab, Dominique Bergogne, Philippe Auriol Institut National des  Sciences Appliquées de Lyon, France


Skin Effect And Bond  Graphs

Herve Morel   , Kaiçar Ammous  , Anis Ammous, Bruno Allard  , Mi Wei, Dominique  Bergogne  Institut National des  Sciences Appliquées de Lyon, France


SESSION 7: 1:30am--3:00pm



  Object-oriented Modeling of Complex Physical Systems Using the Dymola Bond-Graph Library

  François E. Cellier, University of Arizona, USA

  Robert T. McBride, Raytheon Missile Systems  USA


The CAMP-G/MATLAB-SIMULINK Computer Generated Solution Of Bond Graph Derivative Causality

  Jose J Granda, California State University, Sacramento  USA  


SESSION 8:  3:30pm--5:00pm



Physically-plausible Models for Identification

  Peter J Gawthrop University of Glasgow, England


Sliding Mode Control of Hybrid Systems Modelled using Bond Graph with Ideal Switches

  Pierre-Yves Richard , Cécile Morvan, Jean Buisson, Hervé Cormerais Equipe Automatique des Systèmes Hybrides, SUPÉLEC-Campus de Rennes, France


 One Model for One Frequency Range : Comparison of Bond Graph Based Simplification Methods

Grace Gandanegara, Xavier Roboam , Bruno Sareni, , LEEI UMR INPT-ENSEEIHT/, Toulouse, France

Geneviève Dauphin-Tanguy, Ecole Centrale de Lille, France


SESSION 9: 3:30pm--5:00pm

Thermodynamics I

  Kinetic Energy in Convection Bond Graphs

  Forbes T. Brown,  Lehigh University


Object-oriented Modeling of Convective Flows Using the Dymola Thermo-Bond-Graph Library

  François E. Cellier,  University of Arizona,   USA

  Jürgen Greifeneder Universität Stuttgart, Germany


Electrochemical cells modelling by means of the bond graph technique. Application

 to the lead-acid batteries

  Jesus Felez , Carlos Vera, Jose M Mera, Juan J Esperilla, Universidad Politécnica de




W E D N E S D A Y January 22, 2003


SESSION 10: 8:30 pm.-10:00 p.m.




  Influence of the Roll Axis Consideration in Vehicle Dynamics. Bond Graph


  Jose Manuel Mera , Carlos Vera , Jesus Felez , Juan Jose Esperilla,  Universidad

  Politécnica de Madrid


  Torque Converter with Lock-up Clutch by Bond Graphs

  Katsuya Suzuki, Aichi Science & Technology Foundation,  Japen

 Tanaka Kazuhiro ,  Kyushu Institute of Technology, Dept. of Mechanical Systems



 Session 11:  8:30am-10:00 a.m.


 APPLIED Mechanics


A Comparison Of Bond Graph Modeling With Adams Simulation Software As Applied To The Conceptual Design Of A Novel Machine Tool

  Pete Fitsos ,  Donald Margolis  University of California, Davis  USA


Object-Oriented Bond-Graph Modeling of a Gyroscopically Stabilized Camera Platform

  Robert T. McBride, Raytheon Missile Systems  USA

 François E. Cellier, University of Arizona,   USA 


 An Engineering Model of Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Vegetables

  Hajo Rijgersberg ATO B.V,  Netherlands

  Jan l top ATO B.V. and VU Amsterdam,  Netherlands


Session 12:  10:30am-12:00 a.m.




 Using Bond Graphs for Articulated, Flexible Multi-bodies, Sensors, Actuators, and

 Controllers with Application to the International Space Station

 Raymond Montgomery, NASA Langley Research Center, Va  USA

 Jose J Granda, California State Universtiy, Sacramento  USA


 A First Approach Of Distributed Parameters Systems Sizing Using Bond Graphs

  Abdechafik Derkaoui , Éric Bideaux, Serge Scavarda Laboratoire d'Automatique

  Industrielle Institut National de Sciences Appliquées de Lyon, France


Self-Balancing Two Legged Walking Robot

  Amalendu Mukherjee , Pushparaj Mani Pathak , Anirvan Dasgupta Indian Institute of

  Technology, India.


SESSION 13: 10:30pm--12:00pm

 Life Sciences


A Model Of The Left Ventricle: From The Mechanisms Of Contraction To Hemodynamics

  Vanessa A. Diaz-Zuccarini , Ecole Centrale de Lille, France

     Universidad Simón Bolívar, Venezuela.

Jacques Lefevre. Idea.Sim Ltd ΠHarrow ΠUk, 3. Mim Centre (Measurement

      and Information in Medicine), City University Œ London

Marisol Delgado,  Universidad Simon Bolivar. Venezuela

Ahmed Rahmani,  Ecole Centrale De Lille, France


  A Bond Graph Model of Outer Hair Cell Active Force Generation

  Chayawee Wangcharoenrung  , Raul G. Longoria, University of Texas, Austin  USA  


SESSION 14: 1:30pm--3:00pm



  Understanding Induction Motor State Equations Using Bond Graphs

  Dean Charles Karnopp,  University of California, Davis


  A Bond Graph Approach to Flatness-based Cascade Control of Nonlinear DC-Motor

  Sergio J. Junco,  Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina

 Christophe Sueur  , Geneviève Dauphin-Tanguy, Ecole Centrale de Lille, France 


  Electric motor sizing for an automotive power train to reach thermal engine powered vehicles performance using an inverse bond graph-based method

   Jérôme Laffite, PSA Peugeot Citroën,  Centre technique de Vélizy, France

  Eric Bideaux, Serge Scavarda, Laboratoire d'Automatique Industrielle, Institut

      National de Sciences  Appliquées de Lyon , France

 Franck Guillemard, PSA Peugeot Citroën,  Centre technique de Vélizy, France