Asphalt Museum - The Grand Tour

Now housed in a brand new 4-story structure, plan to spend several hours perusing the extensive collections:

The massive building, and an aerial view of the interior floors:

First Floor: The NEW WING, and the OLD WING.
Ultra-modern juxtaposes classic grandeur, with international holdings in the New Wing,
and the most valuable and popular holdings still housed in the Old Wing.

Old Wing, Historic photos:
To the left is the the oldest known photograph of the museum (Colorado 1991, shortly after the grand opening).
At right is a photo taken by Rick Bueker in 1996 after the move to Sonoma.

including all necessary ingredients and instructions, is housed on level two.

Third Floor: The huge state-of-the-art G.E.A.S.R. data system
(Global Electronic ASphalt Record system) takes up one-and-a-half floors.
It provides querying capabilities with data entry and retrieval for the entire museum holdings.

Fourth Floor: The CORE SAMPLE, and COBBLESTONE are held on level four.
The cobblestone is from PRE-1906 San Francisco, and is of profound historical significance.

Continue your tour with a visit to our newly-renovated top floor!!!