Asphalt Museum - Donors

Nick Schrier - Yellowstone National Park

Left-to-right, above:

  • Nick Schrier (2005), Yellowstone National Park (at Old Faithful geyser)
  • Juan Calderon (2004), Pike's Peak (Colorado)
  • David Mosen (2004), Anza Borrego desert (near San Diego) - collection site and view therefrom

    David Mosen writes:

    "I live in San Diego County (Chula Vista, to be precise), and have spent thousands of hours enjoying the mountains and deserts to the east. There is a very short section of the California Riding and Hiking Trail in the Laguna Mountains that overlooks the desert, about 4,000 feet below. This piece of the trail is actually an abandoned part of the Sunrise Highway, a scenic two-lane road that skirts the eastern rim of the Lagunas. While most of the road was torn up in order to create a "more natural" appearance when the highway was abandoned in the early or mid-1970s, there are still some sections intact, and lots of free-roaming chunks of asphalt all over the place. Last Saturday morning I drove up to the spot, spent a nice hour or so watching the dawn and sunrise, and then collected a specimen for your museum."

    Other Donors

  • 2004 - Gopal Rao - Stirling Castle and Wallace Monument (Scotland)
  • 2004 - Beth Ruyak - Channel 31 and Medical Museum (Sacramento)
  • 2004 - Dierdre Fitzpatrick - Channel 3 (Sacramento)
  • 2003 - Scott McGown - Death Valley
  • 2003 - Sharon Kelley - Tanzania
  • 2003 - Jennifer Sirp - Fabulous 40s (Sacramento)
  • 2002 - Elise Obilensky - Smyra, Georgia
  • 2002 - Tia Watts - Carmel, CA
  • 2001 - Mike Epperson - Sears Point (Novato, CA)
  • 2001 - Rosemary ? - ABC Perth (Australia)
  • 2001 - Tim Doyle - Trenton, Missouri
  • 1989 - Jesse Arnold - Cambria, CA

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