The World Famous

Come see the most select holdings of any asphalt museum in the WORLD.

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Museum Highlights:

  • Recent Renovations
    See the NEW top floor!

    Plan on several hours!

  • Asphalt ART GALLERY
    The finest in the world

  • Australian Wing
    Featuring the asphalt of Perth

  • Asphalt Recipe
    Make your very own aspalt

  • Asphaltic Documents
    Original 1875 patent, and more!


  • Donors
    Asphalt donors and their action photos

  • Visitors
    Celebrity visitors, and the tour guide

  • Premier Exhibitions:

    from the museum's glorious exhibit in Milan, ITALY!

    The Museum's glorious return has been hailed by all!
    Watch for continuing celebrations.

    Featured on the Web:

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    Media Appearances:

  • Five Questions
    by Ron Davis (Times-Tribune, 9/2/2006)

  • Northern CA Curiosities
    by Saul Rubin (Globe Pequot, 2005)

  • Ch 31 Good Eve. Sacto
    KUPN TV, Sacto (1/14/2004)

  • Channel 3 News
    KCRA TV, Sacto (1/12/2004)

  • VIA Magazine (AAA)

  • Triple-J Radio
    ABC Sydney, Australia (3/19/2003)

  • The Reporter
    Univ. of Buffalo (1/23/2003)

  • Evening Magazine
    KPIX TV, S.F. (11/28/2001)

  • ABC Perth radio
    Australia (4/10/2001)

  • COPLEY news service

  • Point & Click radio
    KZYX FM 90.7 Philo (1/27/1999)
    The station archive is available here.

  • Santa Rosa Press Democrat

  • Yahoo
    has inexplicably removed us from, their index, after 14 years of mutually-beneficial partnership.
  • Location: on the breathtaking CSUS campus in Sacramento, California. RVR-5040
    Visiting hours: during the curator's office hours (see Scott's home page).

    Tour highlights - something for everyone:

    Partners, Visitors, and Associates:

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