The world's premier exhibit of great asphalt artists and their art

I don't ordinarily include artwork simply painted ON asphalt, since it isn't made OF asphalt.
However, check out the work of Julian Beever. He describes his work as:
"anamorphic illusions drawn in a special distortion in order to create an impression of 3 dimensions when seen from one particular viewpoint."
In any case, they are simply astonishing!!! See them for yourself here.

Works by Lorne Beug

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"Asphalt Museum" - (scroll).

This was one of the pieces exhibited by Lorne Beug at the Susan Whitney Gallery.
See the full exhibit here.

The artists writes:

These images are excerpts from a long scroll I have in progress - mysterious and iconic objects found on my perambulations about the Asphalt Museum. The scroll has various chapters that represent subjective classifications of the objects: Dark Objects (the Dk. notations in the first two images), Shiny Objects, Electronica, Rust, Brightly Colored Plastics, Architectonic Shapes, etc.. What the objects have in common is the inimitable texture resulting from being beaten by endless streams of traffic.

Works by Nathan Jx

(two photo pairs - click each to enlarge)


Two cibachrome diptypch asphalt photographs of 2 Ilfochrome images.
Each piece is 20" x 24" and was part of a solo exhibition in Sonoma State's Library Gallery in 2001.
It is car tire rubber on a painted asphalt surface.

The artists writes:

The "x" acts a period here, so, proper pronunciation is "J".

Works by Lynn Edwards

Scallops in the Shallows Free Eagle
Air, Earth, Fire, Metal, Water Halcyon's Dance
Elf in Red Whirlpool Jungle Dog Song of Protons
Wild Heart Soaring Myth Galloping Dragon's Green
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The artist writes:

I interpreted them from a mythological perspective, manipulating the black and white to pull creatures out of the asphalt, which was enlarged gigantically. You should be able to find some dragons, a flying eagle, lightning on a house, a wild goose flying, elves, a bizarre dog, and flying scallops. At first I didn't even know they were there, it's mysterious and wonderous. I put the acrylic marbelizing technique over them to give them life. I don't think anyone has added acrylic marbelizing to photos yet. I think asphalt is kind of a cosmic anvil that picks up millions of people, soaks them in.
The photo on the right shows Lynn unfortunately being eaten by a dinosaur.

Works by Richard Karch

Asphalt photograph taken in the Haight Ashbury,Downey Street,
San Francisco, approximately 1965.
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The artists writes:

It was not exhibited but was a favorite memory of a bunch of textural photos I took in the sixties.

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