CSc 194 -- Spring 2018
Computer Science Seminar

  • Seminar Flyer
  • Week 1 presenter notes
  • Week 2 presenter notes
    Ethics Materials
    Ethics Outline
    NSPE Ethics Code
  • Week 3 presenter notes
    Conflict Presentation
  • Week 4 presenter notes
    Project Management
  • Week 5 presenter notes
    How to Succeed in Hi Tech

    Course Syllabus

    Scott Gordon
    RVR 5040, phone: 278-7946

    Office Hours
    Wed 2-4 (RVR 3018)
    Thurs 2-4 (RVR 5040)
    Please feel free to drop by my office at other times.

    SacCT will be used for submitting assignments.

    Class Meetings
    Friday 9:00-11:00 -- University Union
    (selected dates and exact rooms TBA)

    First class meeting (Jan 26 only)
    [section 1] 09:00-09:50 -- Brighton Hall 110
    [section 2] 10:00-10:50 -- Brighton Hall 110

    Course Overview
    A series of periodic seminars on Computer Science topics. These seminars cover topics not normally taught in CSUS Computer Science courses, focusing on presentations by industry professionals on working conditions, real-world environment, and job opportunities.

    Course Materials
    Handouts and online materials provided as necessary.
    There is no textbook required.

    Upper division or graduate status in Computer Science.

    Here is the current flyer describing the upcoming talks:
    Seminar Flyer

    Important Dates
    Mon-Fri March 19-23 Spring Break (no classes)
    Friday March 30 Cesar Chavez Day (campus closed - no classes)
    Note: there is NO final exam in this class.

    Course Requirements

    Students are expected to attend at least 5 out of the 6 scheduled seminars. Seminars will be held on certain Fridays of this semester, 9:00-11:00am in the Hinde Auditorium of the Union. Credit is given only for attending the entire (2 hours 30 minute) seminar.

    The seminar schedule will be posted shortly on this website.

    Writing Requirement
    For each seminar attended, students are required to write a roughly 1-page report (double-spaced, 12-pt Times-Roman font) consisting of the following:
    • Your name, the presenter's name, date of presentation, and date of your report.
    • A one paragraph summary of the presentation.
    • A discussion of what you learned from the seminar that you did not know before the seminar.

    You will submit each report as a .pdf file using SacCT.

    Reports are due within ONE WEEK of each seminar presentation.

    Students in this course will receive a letter grade.

    Students attending 5 seminars (AND submitting acceptable reports for all 5 of them) will receive an A.
    Students attending 4 seminars (AND submitting acceptable reports for all 4 of them) will receive a B.
    Students attending 3 seminars (AND submitting acceptable reports for all 3 of them) will receive a C.
    Students attending 2 seminars (AND submitting acceptable reports for both of them) will receive a D.
    Students attending less than 2 seminars will receive an F.

    Reports will be considered acceptable based on completeness, clarity, writing style, and how well they relate to the content of the seminar.

    Incomplete Grades
    University guidelines regarding the grade of Incomplete will be strictly adhered to. Incomplete grades will only be given under extraordinary conditions beyond a student's control. Inability to keep up with the work due to an excessive course load, for example, is insufficient to warrant an Incomplete. A student who does not have a passing grade based on the work completed thus far at the time of the request is ineligible for an Incomplete.

    Students on military reserve whose units go on active duty during or around the final exam period are eligible for an Incomplete.

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