CSc 196L -- Fall 2003

Intelligent Systems

2003 Tournament Results - "4-in-a-Row"

EVERYONE should feel great about participating.  If your program lost most
(or all) of its games, or displayed bugs or even (gulp) made an illegal move,
take heart... the 4th place finisher made an illegal move in the finals,
costing it a possible title!

Congratulations to our clear winner, HEADSTRONG, by Jeb Crousan.

Headstrong used alpha-beta pruning, with history table and iterative deepening,
7+ plies with no apparent bugs, thinking for 30 seconds on every move, searching
deeper as the game progresses.  It went 6-0 in Round One, 5-1 in Round Two,
and 4-0 in the semis.  In the final four, Headstrong scored 4-2, and was the
only program to gain a 2-0 match win in that round.  That was enough to win
the group and take the title.  It's overall score was a devastating 19-3.

Evolution, DarkCloud, and Flatliner can take pride in being the three programs
that held Headstrong to a 1-1 tie.

It was a great tournament!  Some of you did some very imaginative and clever
programming to produce such strong programs. I felt relieved that my program,
Dark Cloud, did as well as it did considering some of the advanced features
implemented by the top finishers.

And of course, we'll all enjoy remembering some of the more entertaining moments...
the periodic surprise illegal moves and upset victories.  Here, then, are the
final standings, as best as I could piece together from the myriads of results:

1.       Headstrong      (Crousan)
2. (tie) Evolution       (Ruggles)
         Dark Cloud      (Gordon)
4.       Hello World     (Lapanja)
5. (tie) Deep Brown      (Eagleson,M)
         El Pollo Diablo (Eagleson,P)
7.       Inline Madness  (Allen)
8.       Flatliner       (Talistu)
9.       Glym            (Petznick)
10.      Brimstone       (Lewis)
11.(tie) Star Destroyer  (Bjork)
         Tin Man         (Money)
13.      Some Punk Kid   (Louie)
14.(tie) 4-4-Me          (Eichelkraut)
         4-Play          (Parnoutsoukian)
16.      One Legged Goat (Olivas)
17.(tie) Moriarity       (Carlin)
         Sunshine        (Vang)
19.      Anaconda        (Chheda)
20.      Minimaximax MX  (Cantrell)
21.      User Unfriendly (Oloyedes)
22.      Show Pity On Me (Pegany)
23.(tie) Black Magic     (Ballard)
         C4              (Nguyen)
25.(tie) Lola            (Sirp)
         MagicMove       (Ismail)
27.      ADT3            (Maria)
28.(tie) BrainDead       (Perez)
         Asian Sensation (Yu)
30.      Slacker         (Borlovan)
31.(tie) Unknown         (Chairez-Nelson)
         Lucky           (Anwyl)
33.      Score4          (Santa Cruz)


2002 results