CS 480 -- Spring 2002

Artificial Intelligence

4-in-a-row Tournament results

Congratulations to all of the enthusiastic competitors.
We had a great time!  The final four finished as follows:

   1st place:        Jonathan Pullen ("Mr. X")
   2nd place (tie):  Jason Lien (unnamed) and Scott Gordon ("Dark Cloud")
   4th place:        Meg Holden (unnamed)

All matches were two games, since moving first was a clear advantage.
In fact, by the time the final group of four (above) met, most games
were being won by whichever program moved first.  Jonathan's program
won by virtue of its being the only program to win a game, in the
final group of four, while moving *second* (against Meg's program).
So although matches between the top 3 were all tied, Jonathan's was the
clear winner of the group by scoring 2-0 against the 4th place program.

By the end of the tournament, there was a clear sense that the game is
probably a forced win for the first player, with best play.

Worthy of note was Jeff Richmond's beautiful web-based graphics in
his program, "Strategem".  After losing all of its games in the
preliminary round, it then won the consolation bracket over Sanjay's
program.  By winning the consolation round, "Strategem" qualified
for a spot in the semis, where it's run came to an end.

There were many funny and imaginative *names* for the programs.  The name
that seemed to attract the most attention was Devin Dockter's: "GLASS JAW".

Here were the final standings:

1.    Jonathon Pullen "Mr. X"       - 4 (finals)
2.    Jason Lien                    - 3 (finals) 
 tie    Scott Gordon "DarkCloud"    - 3 (finals)
4.    Meg Holden                    - 2 (finals)
5.    Kevan Benson "Simpleton"      - 2 (semis)
6.    Stacie Riddle "Death By Quad" - 0 (semis), 4.5 (quarters)
7.    Greg Lucas "Robotic Four"     - 0 (semis), 4 (quarters)
8.    Devin Dockter "Glass Jaw"     - 3 (quarters)
9.    Lee McDole                    - 2 (quarters)
10.   Zach Wiren "The Slayer"       - 1.5 (quarters)
11.   Colin Horton "Connect 4"      - 1 (quarters)
 tie    Martin Klinglehoefer        - 1 (quarters)
13.   Tim Doyle "Frankencross"      - 0 (quarters) 2 (prelims)
14.   Jeff Richmond "Strategem"     - 0 (prelims), consolation winner
15.   Sanjay Mohan                  - 2.5 (prelims), 2nd consolation
16.   Chad Krsek                    - 0 (prelims), semis consolation
17.   Teresa Hammer "Four Score"    - 1 (prelims)
18.   Mike Epperson                 - .5 (prelims) tie semis consolation
19.   Josh Sakwa                    - tie semis consolation
20.   Sam Cameron "White Knight"    - 0 (prelims)
 tie    Nick Bondoc                 - 0 (prelims)


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