1984 - B.S. Electrical Engineering

1986 - M.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering

1990 - Ph. D. Electrical Engineering - Areas: Microwaves, Electromagnetics and Antennas

All Degrees from University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Professor in the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Jean-Pierre's main research interests are in the modeling of printed antenna elements and arrays. He has been involved in applying microwave technology in the development of vehicle guidance systems. This project which also involved vision and GPS technology was supported by the Department of California Transportation (CALTRANS). Recently, as a research fellow for the National Institute on Science Education (NISE), an institute located at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, he has been a part of a national research team considering how to best use computer technology in teaching sciences, mathematics and engineering.

OnLine Course Material

In the area of teaching, he is developing multimedia material for an introductory course on circuit analysis (ENGR 17) and a course on network analysis (EEE 117). Work is also being done to take advantage the graphics capabilities of the computer in the teaching of basic electromagnetics (EEE 161) . The section on Smith chart including design problems (lumped element and stub matching) using the Smith chart is presently available in the form of powerpoint slides. Matlab programs (M files) are also being developed for students use in the areas of transmission lines and statics. EEE 117 and EEE 161 works can only be viewed with an owner-provided password.


The use of technology in the delivery of instruction earned him the 1997-1998 Outstanding Teacher Award for the College of Engineering & Computer Science. Dr. Bayard was also named the Outstanding Faculty for the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering in 1996 and 1998. He is currently working on developing testing modules to be taken from the worldwide web. With the new ABET guidelines, the internet provides an avenue for both instructor and students to assess student performance in a course. Dynamic assessment of the knowledge of specific subjects in a particular course can help the instructor to be more responsive to students' need. Because of his use of the internet for testing and course management, Dr. Bayard was asked to participate in a case study for Asymetrix, a leading corporation in the development of software for online learning and testing. To see the article, click on case study. Also you can read a CSUS Fall 1997 Bulletin article and another from the CSUS Spring 1999 Bulletin on Dr. Bayard's work on technology-mediated instruction.

Learning Modules

In order to run the modules developed with Toolbook, you need to first download the pluggin (click on previous Neuron clip art to download) from Asymetrix. When you install Neuron, make sure that both the "Active X and the plug-in " editions are checked. You must also enter the browser subdirectory ("plugins" for Netscape) where the plug-ins are located. Before you run Netscape, click on the start button, go into toolbook Neuron, and select the non-secure option. Now run Netscape. After successful installation, you should see the toolbook plug-in by clicking on help then about plug-ins in Netscape. After installing Neuron,

Electromagnetics / Transmission Line Modules

Microstrip Impedance Calculator

Network Analysis Modules

Linear Xformer Dot Convention
Ideal Xformer Dot Convention
Y Source & Load Configuration
Complex Power
Y Source - Delta Load Configuration
Delta Source & Y Load Configuration
Delta Source & Load Configuration
Linear Xformer Example

Spring 2001 Teaching Schedule


  • College of Engineering & Computer Science Recruitment CD-ROM geared for high-school students, Fall 1998
  • "Electronic Testing on Selected Topics in Electric Circuits", developed for the McGraw-Hill Company to accompany the textbook "Fundamental of Electric Circuits", by C. Alexander and M. Sadiku, 1999.
  • "Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants, Volume 1," CD-ROM developed for the Office of Water Programs, California State University, Sacramento.
  • "Small Water System Operation and Maintenance, 4-th Edition," CD-ROM currently being developed for the Office of Water Programs, California State University, Sacramento.


OFFICE: 3030 Riverside Hall (formerly Engineering and Computer Science)


Note that I am in the Academic Advising Center (Lassen Hall) on Tuesday (9-10 and 1-2) and Thursday (9-10 and 12-1)


Jean-Pierre R. Bayard, Professor Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Cal. State Univ Sacramento 6000 J Street Sacramento CA 95819-6019

(916) 278-5847 (voice) / (916) 278-7215 (FAX)

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