"Mobile Learning App" 

CSUS Fall 2020 

            Computer Science Senior Project        

Team Alt F4

Team Members: 

  • Jessica Arceo, Justin Kaloti, Mitchell Gruner, Alex Merical, Sen Guo, Vu Do

  • Client:
  • Dr. Mariappan Jawaharlal

  • Adviser:
  • Haiquan Chen

  • Professor:
  • Jingwei Yang

  • Project Details  

    Client Background:  

    Dr. Mariappan "Jawa" Jawaharlal has more than 25 years of academic, industrial, and entrepreneurial experience in engineering. He is renowned for his innovative, engaging teaching pedagogy. He understands the necessity to deliver education as a fun and conceptually engaging learning experience. He is seeking the development of an educational app that provides a more modern learning experience.

    Objective & Scope:  

    The objective is to develop an app with a backend authoring tool to deploy educational material in an easy to use front-end user experience. Short tutorials offer clear explanations to critical concepts in a subject matter with real-world example.  The target audience is K-16 students + other learners interested in taking a course.

    Proposed Solution   

    Mobile Application Features:  

    • Learners have access to content from a mobile platform
    • A sign-in screen to create a new account or login into an existing one.
    • A browse / search feature for available courses in the application


    • Will be arrange in a hierarchy of Course, Chapter, Lesson
    • Assesment modules will be available for each course.
    • Progress monitoring and bookmarking feature

    Software (future requirement) :  

    • Software and UI for authorized educators to upload content
    • Ability to launch course to app

    High Fidelity Prototype

    Prototype Features
    • A welcome screen - user login and verification
    • Student application view
    • Subject matter expert view (scrapped)
    Product Highlights
    • Modernize learning for the tech-savy generation 
    • Keeps learners engaged with interesting and fun content  
    • Convenience of learning on-the-go

    Spring 2021 Expected Timeline

    • Finalize project requirements
    • Prepare development environment
    • Begin product development.
    • Debug and test initial production.
    • Product demonstration 1. Gather client feedback
    • Continue product development
    • Product demonstration 2. Gather final client feedback
    • Final product development stage
    • Final product demonstration
    • Product completion